SAS celebrates 70 years in the sky

Tomorrow, August 1st, SAS celebrates 70 years as pioneers in the sky. The first flight, Stockholm to New York, took place on September 17th the same year. August 1, 1946 was the starting point for Scandinavia’s preferred airline through the merger of the Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish international airline operations. On September 17 of the … [Read more…]

Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program Achieves Milestone

STRATFORD, Conn., July 25, 2016 /– Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) today announced the successful execution of the VH-92A Presidential Helicopter Replacement Program Critical Design Review (CDR), signaling the program is ready to proceed to assembly, test and evaluation. The joint Sikorsky/Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) VH-92A helicopter program team met in July with key collaborators from … [Read more…]

Lockheed Martin’s INFIRNO Sensor Makes First Flight on the BLACK HAWK Helicopter

ORLANDO, Fla., July 12, 2016 /– Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT) INFIRNOTM sensor system recently completed its first flight on an H-60 BLACK HAWK helicopter. This successful Lockheed Martin-funded test validated INFIRNO’s ability to detect, identify and track targets from an airborne platform. The INFIRNO sensor, which was successfully integrated on the nose of the BLACK HAWK, … [Read more…]

Gripen Leads The World With New Operational Capabilities

Defence and security company Saab, the Swedish Air Force and Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration have successfully implemented a revolutionary enhancement to the operational capabilities of the Gripen fighter. Among many significant new advances, Gripen is now the world’s first and only combat aircraft to be operational with the MBDA Meteor BVRAAM missile. Saab, the Swedish … [Read more…]

ANTONOV Company takes part in Farnborough International Air Show − 2016

On July 7, 2016,  AN−178, multipurpose transport aircraft flew from Kyiv to Farnborough, Hampshire. There Farnborough International Air Show − 2016 will be held  within a period from 11th to 17th of July 2016. АN−178 will take part in demo flights programme and will be presented at the static display. For the first time, the … [Read more…]