Investigation report following Turøy helicopter accident published

Statoil’s investigation following the Turøy helicopter accident on 29 April has been finalised, offering conclusions and recommendations for how the company can further improve its helicopter safety work. The Turøy helicopter accident is the most serious helicopter accident on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) since 1997. 13 people died in the accident. The helicopter was … [Read more…]

Report on the serious aircraft incident 12 August 2014 at Rørvik Airport, Norway, with Airbus Helicopters EC 130 B4, LN-ORR, operated by Helicopter Utleie AS

The helicopter was about to land at Rørvik Airport for refuelling. There were two people on board, the commander and loadmaster. Uncontrolled rotation to the left started as the helicopter passed runway treshold at an altitude of 5-10 metres. The commander quickly understood that he had no directional control, and chose to land the helicopter … [Read more…]