ATSB: Collision with terrain involving Robinson R22 helicopter, VH-HRW, 63 km NNE of Mitchell, Qld on 28 May 2015

On 28 May 2015, the pilot of a Robinson 22 helicopter, registered VH-HRW, was engaged in aerial mustering operations about 63 km north-north-east of Mitchell, Queensland. Late in the afternoon the helicopter’s tail rotor struck the branch of a 7 m-high dead and defoliated tree, the pilot lost control of the helicopter and it collided … [Read more…]

The ATSB has released its investigation report into the Airspace related event involving a Boeing 737, VH-VOM, near Darwin, NT on 27 February 2014

At 1253 Central Standard Time on 27 February 2014, a Boeing Company 737-8FE, registered VH-VOM (VOM), was radar vectored when outside controlled airspace, near Darwin, Northern Territory. Radar vectoring outside controlled airspace was not permitted, and may have brought VOM into conflict with aircraft that were unknown to air traffic control. The ATSB found that … [Read more…]

The ATSB has released its investigation report into the Collision with terrain involving One Design DR-107, VH-EGT, Goolwa Airport, South Australia on 10 October 2014

Amateur-built One Design DR-107 aircraft, registered VH-EGT On the afternoon of 10 October 2014, the pilot of an amateur-built One Design DR-107 aircraft, registered VH-EGT, was performing low-level aerobatic manoeuvres. The manoeuvres were being performed to the east of Goolwa Airport, South Australia. Witnesses described the aircraft performing a series of similar manoeuvres. Each involved … [Read more…]

ATSB: Engine failures and malfunctions in light aeroplanes 2009 – 2014

Through routine trend monitoring of safety occurrence reporting, the ATSB became aware of a potential issue surrounding the frequency of light aircraft engine failures and malfunctions (both Australian VH and recreationally-registered). To formally and more fully examine the contributing factors behind these statistical observations, the ATSB initiated this Aviation Research investigation (under the provisions of … [Read more…]

ATSB: Collision with terrain involving Cessna T210N, VH-ZFW, near Inverell Airport, NSW on 4 July 2014

Cessna T210N On 4 July 2014, the pilot/owner of a Cessna Aircraft Company T210N aircraft, registered VH-ZFW, and two passengers were conducting a private flight from Inverell Airport to Bankstown Airport, New South Wales. Shortly after take-off, oil appeared on the windscreen and the pilot rejected the take-off with the intent of landing back on … [Read more…]

Navigation event involving a Fairchild SA227 aircraft, VH-UUO, Brisbane Airport, Qld on 3 September 2014

On 3 September 2014, at about 0215 Eastern Standard Time (EST),[1] a Fairchild SA227 aircraft, registered VH-UUO, took off from Brisbane Airport, Queensland for a freight charter flight to Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, with one pilot on board. Following the take-off, when at about 200 ft above ground level, the pilot observed the horizontal … [Read more…]

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau: Collision with terrain involving DHC-1, ‘Chipmunk’ VH-UPD near Coffs Harbour, NSW on 29 June 2014

On the morning of 29 June 2014, the pilot of a de Havilland Canada DHC-1 T Mk 10 Chipmunk aircraft, registered VH-UPD, was taking a passenger for a brief, private flight over Coffs Harbour Regional Airport, New South Wales. According to pilot and passenger reports, after conducting a series of aerobatic manoeuvres, the pilot climbed … [Read more…]

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB): In-flight engine shut down involving Airbus A330-302, B-18358, 887 km ENE of Darwin Airport on 3 October 2013

The air turbine starter removed from B-18358, as-recovered. Source: ATSB On 3 October 2013, an Airbus A330-302, registered B-18358 and operated by China Airlines, departed Sydney Australia on a scheduled passenger transport flight to Taipei, Taiwan. Approximately 4 hours into the flight, the flight crew completed a precautionary shutdown of the number one engine in … [Read more…]